The FACE program is the world’s only postgraduate interdisciplinary continuing education program. Offered in 20 countries by an esteemed team of instructors, this unique program offers a lifetime learning forum with thousands of doctors who have incorporated FACE principles into their practices.

The learning journey begins with a comprehensive 1 to 2-year program offering a solid theoretical and practical foundation in the following:
  • In-depth evaluation of joint function and occlusion
  • Mounted models and instrumentation for improved diagnostics
  • Multidisciplinary case recruitment and treatment planning
  • Treatment mechanics with self-ligating appliances
  • Computer-assisted treatment planning
  • How to establish your interdisciplinary team
  • Practice management and marketing, leveraging your interdisciplinary network for referrals
Alumni are connected to an ongoing support network to advance their knowledge and skills.

  • Access to the worldwide instructor team and unique fraternity of FACE graduates who are constantly seeking to improve
  • Invitation to the RWISO Annual Meeting where orthodontists from around the world share new techniques and successes
  • Invitation to numerous study clubs offered worldwide