No longer is orthodontic treatment just treating the smile by straightening teeth.

Building on the principles established by renowned orthodontic leaders, the FACE program provides a 1 to 2-year comprehensive study in orthodontics and interdisciplinary dentistry.

The FACE philosophy incorporates comprehensive diagnostics, thorough treatment mechanics, and the latest orthodontic advancements for treating the entire dental and facial system. FACE orthodontists seek a marriage between the goals of orthodontics and comprehensive dentistry. These goals are similar for patients of all ages: beautifully aligned teeth that fit harmoniously with properly positioned jaw joints—promoting healthy tissue, efficient chewing, proper lip support, and ideal facial balance.

Since excellent results require careful planning, FACE doctors believe in visualizing the final outcome before commencing treatment. Thorough and accurate diagnostic records, detailed study, and a comprehensive treatment plan can also yield shorter treatment times, better results, and improved stability. The FACE philosophy trains orthodontists how to implement this distinguished treatment process while maintaining a productive and profitable practice.

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